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Safarnaama - The Story of The Journey

Freelancing isn't always an adventure ride. I understood it quite early.

For me, freelancing is more of a lifestyle.

This lifestyle taught me things you'd never read in blogs on freelancing. Not just the ABCs but EFGs, HIJs, all the way to XYZs and even beyond that.

I could have gone the 'Uncle Scrooge' way. But when you can share, why be a miser?

So, I began writing... about marketing, my processes, my experiences and FREELANCING.

First on LinkedIn, then on Medium. But somehow I felt disconnected.

So, I started this newsletter, to share my words one-on-one with freelancers like you and me.

❤️ from the Freelancing Community

Jugraj Singh, Freelance Writer

This newsletter is right there and I'm reading it aloud. Anyone reading this trust me this is not the random, sales-focused newsletter but a lot of realistic gyan.

💎Anmol Ratan for readers 🥳😃

Shreya Ghosh, Content Writer

I read your FreelanceBytes with a smile on my face. With a feeling in my heart that I can survive the freelance world even with all the glitz and glam.

Thank you, for guiding newbie freelancers like me!

Gururaj Swamy, Technical Writer

Love the style you use while creating newsletters. No fancy stuff. Just real knowledge.

Arnab Ghosh, SaaS Marketer

Absolutely love the newsletter. Anmol explains a concept creatively and every edition feels as if he is talking to you on phone or in person.

I knew you'd do it.

You know that's what I like the most about you - that you take initiative and action.

You didn't just read my blabber but chose to fill that form (However boring it was, I know).

This one thing differentiates you from everyone else out there.

I have a hunch that you'll go places. I will be there, by your side. I promise.

See you in your inbox in a few minutes. :)